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Samryebread explores shameless self-acceptance in  dreamy pop single "Softie"


Don't listen close

I'm full of bad ideas.

I build the traps

That keep me stuck right here.

There's some things I can't explain

so please don't make me

Cause every piece I've shared it

has been used against me. 

I'm cruisin' for a bruisin'

I post my wounds to prove it

Let the whole world look in and


Sayin' this the life you're choosin' 


So so soft x2

Kiss me

Big signs "Beware"

You let me bite just the same

But if thoughts go dark

I'll be here wide awake.

There's some wiser characters

that can replace me

But you've got a stubborn streak

that won't erase me. 

We're cruisin' for a bruisin'

We left out all the rules and

Let everyone look in and laugh

Don't matter cause we're choosin' 


So so soft x2

Kiss me

So so soft x2

Kiss me

Written by Samantha Rosen

Produced by Logan Roth, Kyle Pulley, and Samantha Rosen

Mixed by Kyle Pulley

Mixing Assistant Mark Watter

Mastered by Ryan Schwabe

Samryebread  brings a unique complexity to Indie Pop with soft hitting tunes that linger with the listener. From Philly, Sam Rosen (Samryebread) has had a heavy hand behind the scenes of Philly music; As an engineer at The Roots and Larry Gold's old studio, MilkBoy, Sam has been exposed to the cluster of sounds and genres that define Philly.  After years working on a long list of Rap/Pop/Indie/Rock/R&B projects, her chill, Indie-Pop sounds and folk inspired lyrics have grown into something bigger and louder. "Softie" tells the story of growing to embrace our shame and own our decisions despite outside criticism and judgement. It is Sam's follow up to Dance-Pop collaboration with Selekta XXX, "Uck It". 


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